Voodoo Cabaret

Fri. May 29 7:00pm
Festival Central
Tickets: $15-$30 General Admission

Presented by Voodoo Cabaret and Artist Migration (duration 90 minutes)

Voodoo Cabaret - Bandcamp


This performance by Voodoo Cabaret was made possible in part by the generous support of the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation.


Voodoo Cabaret is a dynamic world music group which channels inspiration from Voodoo and Santeria spirits. This unique approach to the music is realized through the combined sounds of voice, hand drum, percussion with a musically charged mix of electronic ambience. Each show is a ritualistic, shamanistic, musical & theatrical experience not to be missed!

Gisela Tangui, is the creator and leader of The Voodoo Cabaret. Gisela and The Voodoo Cabaret sing about African spirits. All of her shows are intuitive and strictly organically magical. The band offers a live music, and a ritual-like type of recreation for your mind, body, and soul. Bringing music, dance, theatre, and spirituality together, while tapping into Latina heritage and diaspora ancestry, Gisela and The Voodoo Cabaret is an eclectic and distinctive additive into the New York City underground music scene.

Gisela gives a twist of voodoo magic on stage with a powerful and assertive appeal. The echoes on stage make you feel the energy of nature all around you. Existing and enlightened atoms spark the crowd with serotonin! Let the energy freely flow! Gisela and the Voodoo Cabaret will feed your musical senses and mix it into a pot of Voodoo Cabaret healing. When the crowd leaves, ears won't only be astounded by the power, but comfortably healed by Mother Earth: Gisela and The Voodoo Cabaret.


Gisela Tangui is the creator and leader of The Voodoo Cabaret. I sing about the African spirits. I love this project since I can share music, dance, theatre and spirituality with community while at the same time tapping into my Latina heritage and Diaspora ancestry. My first performance was for Anti-Popcorn Theatre on a side of country road in Marin County, California where the audience went wild. The show developed intuitively and organically into this dynamic musical ritual experience.

The spirits from the religions of Voudou and Santeria inspire each of the songs. The underlying rhythms are mostly Afro-Cuban with a jazz or rock riffs. The songs have a storytelling quality to them. The inspiration for each performance is to rise the vibration of the audience through ritual. Ritual provides the backdrop to incorporate art and community. This beautiful collaboration is the driving force of this project.

Recently, The Voodoo Cabaret completed a World Music album. This project hopes to inspire love, equality, justice and compassion world-wide. Gisela Tangui & The Voodoo Cabaret channels a pot of musical magic for your soul.