The Kerovpyan Family with Teatr ZAR and Murat İçlinalça

Columns. Armenian liturgical chants

Wed. May 27 8:00pm
The Chapel
Tickets: $20-$25 General Admission

Presented by Teatr ZAR and SFIAF (duration 90 minutes)


The programme of the concert is composed of traditional Armenian liturgical chants rendered in their modal and monophonic setting, accompanied by drone. The repertoire comprises chants from different Offices and Holy Mass, classified in an oktoechos (eight modes) system.
All the modes used in the Armenian oktoechos are based on a system of natural intervals. The modes produce different sound environments and specific auditory sensations depending on their configuration. The Columns concert portrays the two year-long experimental work the performers have accomplished through immersion in the modal world and learning by imitation. The concert will also include special guest from Istanbul, Murat İçlinalça, the master singer of the St. Gregory the Illuminator Church in Istanbul.

Teatr ZAR is the resident company at the Grotowski Institute. The company emulates Jerzy Grotowski’s ethos of ensemble work and develops its productions through a process of creating its own theatrical language. A language that, like Grotowski’s in the last years of his life, utilizes Eastern Orthodox music as a source for the creation of a performance that seeks to recreate the very roots of theatre.

The company is a multinational group that was formed during annual research expeditions to Georgia between 1999 and 2003. During these expeditions, they collected much musical material, including a core of centuries-old polyphonic songs that have their roots in the beginning of the human era and are probably the oldest forms of polyphony in the world. Zar is a name of funeral songs performed by the Svaneti tribe who inhabit the high regions of the Caucasus in north-west Georgia. Teatr ZAR attempts to demonstrate that theatre does not only relate to thea (Greek for seeing) but it is something that above all should be heard.