Teatr Zar

Teatr Zar performs at the 2011 San Francisco International Arts Festival withGospels of Childhood. The Triptych.

Here’s an article from the San Francisco Bay Guardian about Teatr Zar:

“…it would have been difficult to anticipate the effect on the audience of the intoning voices and thrilling harmonies that filled the room, or for that matter the moody intensity, bounding athleticism, brooding and ecstatic movement, and the quasi-liturgical atmosphere of these exceptionally deft and well-crafted performances.”  Read more…

Each part of the Triptych can be seen as a stand alone show or as part of a ...

series. Purchase all three shows in advance as a series discount for $48 (or $36 at the March Early Bird price). The starting times of Parts Two and Three are approximations—Patrons should check for more detailed information when purchasing tickets.

You can buy tickets for:
Part 1: Gospels of Childhood: Overture
Part 2: Caesarian Section 
Part 3: Anhelli: The Calling 

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