I.D. for the New Majority. 10/5/2013



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On Saturday October 5, 2013* SFIAF launched I.D. for the New Majority, a program that will focus on the ramifications of the shifting demographics of the United States electorate (for more information on the I.D. Program click here).

This first I.D. was a prototype and took place at two venues—Galeria de la Raza and the Red Poppy Art House in the Mission District.

The program was led by photojournalist Chelis Lopez and was an attempt to capture the political mood in the predominantly Latino neighborhood. What we found was that instead of looking to the long term future, most people were primarily concerned with more immediate problems confronting their community. As such, the first I.D. program dwelt on the subject of displacement and gentrification.

Chelis and her colleague Jorge Bustamente interviewed San Francisco’s District Nine Supervisor, David Campos, San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and more than a dozen members of the audience. There were performances by Desirae Harp, Los Davids, Ariel Luckey, Todd Thomas Brown with Elizabeth Foggie and Classical Revolution.

See below for the edited 30 minute television program of the evening that will be broadcast on Channel 29. The complete performances by participating artists and interviews are also available for viewing below. Click on the name of the artist or interviewee to see the footage of their performance or interview. Click on each individual's photograph to contact them via facebook.

*Demonstration footage was from Saturday October 12, 2013.

IN DIASPORA: I.D. for the New Majority 30 minute television program


I.D Edited 30 Minute Program


Desirae_Harp.jpg       Ariel_Luckey_in_Amnesia_for_web.jpg           Los_Davids.jpg           Todd_T_Brown_Cropped.jpg                Classcial_Revolution.gif

Desirae Harp   /  Ariel Luckey     /   Los Davids   /   Todd T. Brown   /   Classical Revolution

INTERVIEWS WITH (in alphabetical order by interviewee last name)

    David_Campos_Photo.jpg                Rozalina_Gutman_Cropped.jpg                   Roberto_Hernandez.jpg                     Naomi_Mahoney.jpg              Maria_X_Martinez_Cropped.jpg               

David Campos / Rosalina Gutman / Roberto Hernandez / Naomi Mahoney / Maria X. Martinez

  Matt_Mckinley_Cropped.jpg             Ross_Mirkarimi_Small.jpg             Sarah_Powell_Cropped.jpg                    Paul_Richardson.jpg                Ani_Rivera.jpg

Matt McKinley  /  Ross Mirkarimi  /   Sarah Powell /  Paul Richardson  /   Ani Rivera

                               Paula_Tejeda_Cropped.jpg            Ted_Tilles_Cropped.jpg            Luis_Vasquez_Gomez_Cropped.jpg                    Mario_Yedidia_Cropped.jpg

Paula Tejeda / Ted Tilles/ Luis Vasquez Gomez  /  Mario Yedidia   



SFIAF is very grateful to the Bernard Osher Foundation for being the first to support I.D. for the New Majority. Also special thanks to Galeria de la Raza, Red Poppy Art House and the organizers of MAPP for allowing I.D. to be a part of their programs.