1.         La cosa está yuca: It’s difficult.

2.         La regaste: You blew it; you messed up.

3.         Cipote: young boy.

4.         Cemita: Salvadoran pastry (with pineapple or strawberry filling).

5.         Vergón: very good; tight.

6.         Madrear: to beat up.

7.         Chaparro: Salvadoran moonshine; somebody short.

8.         Miquero: a guy who sells fake ID’s and green cards.

9.         Maje: Dude, fool, vato.

10.        Bicho: a kid.

11.        Caval: exactly; cool.

12.        Cuilio: Salvadoran soldier or police.

13.        Garrobo: Central American delicacy. Iguana.

14.        Rifar: To represent.

15.        Cuscatlán: Nahuatl name for El Salvador; land of the jewels.

16.        Que pedo: What’s up?

17.        Pollo Campero: Central American fried chicken chain

18.        Bolo: Drunk

19.        No jodás: No shit. Don’t bullshit.

20.        Tienes que socarlo: Suck it up.

21.        Miravez: Check it out.

22.        Sentate vos: Sit down.

23.        No seas vallunco: Don’t be a fool. Don’t be inappropriate.

24.        Los Hermanos Flores: Popular Salvadoran cumbia band

25.        Casaquear: To talk with a friend

26.        Caliche: Salvadoran slang

27.        Vos: you, informal

28.        20th Street: San Francisco barrio of Mara Salvatrucha clique

29.        Carnalismo: brotherhood; respect for brothers

30.        A huevo: For certain

31.        Puchica: Damn

32:        Hijueputa: Son of a bitch

33.        Cuate: Friend

33.        Cerote: A Pile of Poop


Thank you to the following cuates who helped with this Glossary: Metzi Quetzal, Mauricio Quijada, Liryko Dios, Gustavo Guerra Vasquez, Jess Chilin, Herbert Siguenza, Ric Salinas, Jose Velasquez, Ariel Vargas, Desiree Kaufman, Alex Sanchez