Poland during and after World War Two: A discussion led by Dr Krzysztof Persak


Saturday October 5, 4:00pm
Studio Theatre, CSU East Bay CSU East Bay,
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd Hayward

Admission: Free


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As a contextualizing session to the performance by "The King of Hearts is Off Again" by Polish theatre company Studium Teatralne, Dr Krzysztof Persak of the Office of the President of the Institute of National Remembrance will lead a panel discussion on the historical realities that forged the events depicted in the play in Poland and eastern Europe in the years prior to, during and after the Second World War.

Joining Dr. Krzysztof will be California State University East Bay Faculty Members, Professors Rhoda Kaufman, Jennifer Eagan and Norman Bowen.

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Krzysztof Persak Biography
Dr Krzysztof Persak (1968) is director of the Office of the President of the Institute of National Remembrance – Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation and a research fellow at the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

Dr Persak graduated from the Warsaw University where he received his M.A. in History (1995) and Ph.D. in History (2005) degrees. In 1991–1994 he also studied at the Department of Law of the Warsaw University. In 1999, he was a visiting fellow at the Cold War International History Project of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington D.C. He also served as a consultant for the Hoover Institution Archives and a research associate of the NATO–Warsaw Pact Parallel History Project.

Dr Persak’s research area is contemporary political and social history of Poland, with special focus on Polish-Jewish relations, Polish-Soviet relations, the communist power system and the communist security police. His expertise encompasses legal aspects of historical events. Dr Persak co-edited a major two-volume study of a massacre of Jewish inhabitants of Jedwabne in north-eastern Poland, carried out by Polish peasants and Nazi Security Police in July 1941, where he inter alia published and commented on the documentation of court trials of the perpetrators conducted after the war. His another major work, a monograph ‘Henryk Holland Affair’, is an investigative study into the mysterious death of a renown journalist during a search conducted in his apartment by the communist Security Service in 1961. The latter book won the Polityka weekly historical award, the most prestigious Polish award for books on 20th century history. Dr Persak is also an experienced editor of archival sources; he published five documentary volumes.

Books by Krzysztof Persak

K. Persak, Odrodzenie harcerstwa w 1956 roku [Rebirth of Scouting Movement in Poland in 1956], Warsaw: Trio, 1996, 222 pp. (Jan Józef Lipski Award, 1996; The Polish Scouting Association Award, 1996).
K. Persak (ed.), Komuniści wobec harcerstwa 1944-1950 [The Communists vis-à-vis the Polish Scouting Movement, 1944–1950], Warsaw: ISP PAN, 1998, 199 pp. (Series “Documents for the History of Polish Peoples Republic”, Vol. 11).
K. Persak et al. (eds.), Polska w dokumentach z archiwów rosyjskich 1949-1953 [Poland as Seen through Documents from Russian Archives, 1949–1953], Warsaw: ISP PAN, 2000, 190 pp. (Series “Documents for the History of Polish Peoples Republic”, Vol. 12).
K. Persak et al. (eds.), Informator o strukturze i obsadzie personalnej centralnego aparatu PZPR 1948-1990 [Handbook of the Structure and Personnel of the Polish United Workers’ Party Central Apparatus, 1948-1990], Warsaw: ISP PAN, 2000, 166 pp.
K. Persak et al. (eds.), Centrum władzy. Protokoły posiedzeń kierownictwa PZPR. Wybór z lat 1949-1970 [The Power Center: Protocols of the PUWP Leadership Meetings: Selection from the Years 1949–1970], Warsaw: ISP PAN, 2000, 436 pp. (Series “Documents for the History of Polish Peoples Republic”, Vol. 13).
P. Machcewicz, K. Persak (eds.), Wokół Jedwabnego [Around Jedwabne] Vol. 1: Studia [Studies], Vol. 2: Dokumenty [Documents], Warsaw: IPN, 2002, 526+1034 pp.




September 18, 2013 at 6pm - 9pm

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