Letter to Mayor Ed Lee

Dear Mayor Lee,

I am writing on behalf of a number of representatives of the arts and entertainment community to request a meeting with you. We have some ideas as to how to improve the current plan to implement the America’s Cup in San Francisco in 2013 so that it maximizes the event’s economic impact potential and becomes more of a meaningful and rich experience for San Franciscans ...

across the socio-political spectrum. We would like to talk to you about our plan prior to the vote by the Board of Supervisors on whether or not to go ahead with the America’s Cup deal. The vote is currently expected on the 28th of this month.

Quite appropriately, the Supervisors’ primary focus is on the long term ramifications of the leasing of public property as spelled out in the Disposition and Development Agreement between Oracle Racing and the Port Authority. However, there are other important details in the America’s Cup deal that the city needs to give serious consideration before signing off on them. It is some of these details that are the subject of this letter and we are asking that you insert the power of your office into the negotiations as a means to help modify the deal for the benefit of all parties concerned.  Read more (PDF)