Hugo Candelario and Grupo Bahia with Colombian Soul
(USA, Colombia)

Sat. June 6 9:30pm
Cowell Theater
Tickets: $20-$25 General Admission


Colombia's Internal displacement Attacking and Affecting the Roots
Due to the situation that Colombia has living for the armed conflict is very important and a necessity to express and make conscious of how much is affecting our traditions our families our culture...and more. Displacement has several affect to vulnerable indigenous communities and Afro-Colombians who are cut off from their customs. Through traditional Colombian South Pacific Coast Dance and Music; with contemporary choreography and fusion; with Dance-Theater and multimedia; Colombian Soul has created a new piece that will make you cry, laugh and believe.


Adriana Sánchez

The specific purposes for which this corporation is organized include, but are not limited to: Artistic, Historic, Educational, and Recreational.
"Colombian Soul" is a dance company founded by Adriana Sánchez that was born out of a necessity to express and to share who Sanchez was, where she came from, and what she lived each day in Colombia as well as in other parts of the world. Through Colombian folkloric dance and short pieces of theater Adriana shows the vivid expressions, idiosyncrasies, and dreams of the Colombian soul. Since 2005 Colombian Soul has performed in San Francisco and through the Bay Area in Festivals, Universities, Schools, Internationals events and in San Francisco Carnaval for 7 years consecutive.
Adriana Sánchez has a commitment with the Colombian Culture, she wants preserves the Colombia cultural performing and teaching the dances and music heritage to a new Colombian as well as other countries generations.