Ryan Whitewolf and Chad Wilkins
(USA and Australia)

Fri. May 29 7:00pm
Tickets: $15-$35 General Admission

Presented by Perfect Planet Productions (duration 90 minutes)


This performance was made possible in part by the generous support of the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation.


Performance Times

Chad Wilkins 7:00pm

Ryan Whitewolf 8:00pm

Note: This is a change from the original program. Ryan Whitewolf is playing in place of Ilan Navah.

Ilan Navah will now perform at 10:00pm with Eostar. Get tickets to both shows for $25 in advance and $35 at the door.


Chad Wilkins

Chad Wilkins musical performance is an invitation to enter into an experience. As a multi-instumentalist, he combines many influences to create a blend that is folky, progressive, contemplative, and mystical – but the point is the message. His songs vary from upbeat, positive-vibe celebratory tunes to deep, devotional guided meditations, all showcasing conscious lyrics – challenging, provoking, inspiring, and awakening. Some are poetic images of Chad’s own spiritual journey; some are journeys into themselves. And some are just fun! Be inspired by the distinct spirit and atmosphere of peace that is encapsulated within the music of this mystic minstrel.

Originally from the magnificent mountain region of Lake Tahoe on the California/Nevada border, USA, Chad relocated to Australia in 2004. After a few years of international travel doing humanitarian aid and healing work, including a couple years in Cambodia, he is now based near beautiful and colourful Byron Bay, Australia where he lives with his wife, Tash and their two children Isa and Sundar. Although music has been an integral part of Chad’s existence and artistic expression for most of his life, it is here in Byron Bay that his musical journey has taken on a more public manifestation with the release of his first album, “Show Us The Way Of The Heart”.

The full length album, Show Us The Way Of The Heart is an undiluted musical articulation of the heart of Chad Wilkins, and many will find expression for their own hearts in its contents. It was recorded at the stunning Panoramix Studio in the breathtaking hills of Coorabell just behind Byron Bay. The recording features a large selection of excellent musicians local to the Byron area and was done mostly live with very few overdubs with the purpose of maintaining the raw, spontaneous feeling and spirit of live recording while harnessing the warmth and quality of analogue studio recording. Presenting diverse instrumentation on each track, each song is unique, spanning a large range of styles and genres. Be inspired and stirred by the distinct spirit and atmosphere of peace that is encapsulated within the music of this mystic minstrel.

Ryan Whitewolf

Ryan Whitewolf is an Australian musician that has worked, advocating for foster children in Australia for the past 4 years under the Create Foundation. Ryan is of French Guinea decent. He was fostered at an early age to Aboriginal parents and was raised in the traditional customs of the Aboriginal heritage. It was not until he was 16 that he discovered his true blood lines and has been on journey of self discovery since. Having a profound connection to music, he put all of his energy into developing a unique skill set playing the slap guitar and writing music from his heart. Ryan hit the road for a long journey across Australia that enabled him to connect to the songs of the land. After a number of profound experiences in outback Australia, Ryan developed an intimate relationship with the land, where it was able to communicate with him and guide his heart to a deep creative source. He uses this energy to sing songs with an intention to open, heal, and inspire his audience. His goal with his music is to bring the heavens down to Earth and rebalance the planet.