ABADÁ-Capoeira San Francisco- Spirit of Brazil ‘15

Abhinaya Dance Company - Love Exquisite

Alyce Finwall Dance Theater - RUNE

Anne Bluethenthal and Dancers with MezoAmerika

CALI & CO dance/Matt EL with special guest Park Nahoon Dance

Christine Germain and Dancers - Remembering again

Congo Square West Kinship Society (USA) A Night of Tribute in Dance: Blanche Brown

Croi Glan Integrated Dance Company

Davalos Dance - ON THE MOON

Debbie Goodwin Dance Company with Seth Asarnow y Su Sexteto Tipico, Me Llamo Tango

Deborah Slater Dance Theatre - LINE OF BEAUTY

Detour Dance - Beckon

The Foundry - Poem

Gretchen Garnett and Dancers - A Dedication

Grupo de Rompe y Raja- Tribute to Victoria Santa Cruz Gamarra

Horse Dance Theatre - 2 Men

inkBoat- Ritual 8-27: market

Katerina Wong - 36 Questions

ka.nei.see Collective - Excerpts from Cookie Cutter (2014) and Other Works

Kiandanda Dance Theater - Taboo and Heroes

Ledoh/Salt Farm Butoh

Loco Bloco - Bay to Bahia

Mary Armentrout Dance Theater- reveries and elegies Volume TWO

Olga Kosterina - Dilemma Part One

Project Agora - Threshold, Suspended…


Tim Rubel Human Shakes




Allison Lovejoy - The Seven Deadly Pleasures: A Rock Opera

Aram, Virginia, Vahan Kerovpyan and Murat İçlinalça - Columns. Armenian liturgical chants

Boca do Rio featuring Eva Scow

Broken Shadows

Chad Wilkins and Ilan Navah

Deanna Said and Compound Quartet

Dengbesz Kazo, with Vahan Kerovpyan and Murat İçlinalça

Diana Gameros with Maria Jose Montijo

Eostar and Mathias

Francis Wong & Tatsu Aoki with Lenora Lee - Wong Wei’s Gamble

Gabriel Urgell-Reyes - Meeting Ginastera

Hugo Candelario and Grupo Bahia with Colombian Soul

Jesus Diaz

Justin Ancheta

La Pêche

Laura Inserra

Madan Oak with Purbayan Chatterjee and Aditya Kalyanpur - Wings on Strings

Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat

Matt EL

Melody of China with Shih-Yang Lee


Sarah Cahill


Trance Mission

Voodoo Cabaret

Wang Fei and Li Xiangting



Áine Ryan - Kitty in the Lane

Ariel Luckey - Amnesia

Ariel Luckey - Amnesia

Bob Ernst -  Primal Behavior

Carte Blanche, Christine Bonansea

Compagnie Artara - La Chagrin des Ogres

devorah major with Brian Freeman and Destiny Mohammed

Eth-noh-Tec, - Red Altar

Inferno Theatre - Quantum Love

Jesper Arin

Krista DeNio (KDN Productions)

Krista DeNio

Right Brain Performance Lab - The Elephant in the Room

Teatr Zar - Armine, Sister

Theatre of Yugen - General Hogan and his Benjamin