In Diaspora ID For The New Majority



IN DIASPORA: I.D. for the New Majority is a program that focuses on the changes in the demographics of the American electorate. It combines performing arts with political analysis and interviews with audience member and participants. Each program is recorded on video and broadcast.

I.D. is a program dedicated to highlighting the work of Bay Area artists and the thoughts and ideas of community leaders, activists and members of the public whose voices and opinions represent a new emerging American majority demographic.

From a socio-political perspective the United States is entering a transcendent period of its history. In the 1988 U.S. Presidential Election George H.W. Bush, the Republican candidate, secured 59% of the white vote and won the election. In 2012 Mitt Romney also secured 59% of the white vote…and lost. The significance and implications of these numbers, whilst being purely anecdotal, are fundamental to the country’s future.

Over the last quarter of a century the profile of the average American voter has become vastly different. It has led to a sea-change in the political discourse of the United States with Republican Senators playing a leading role in the debate to legalize 11 million undocumented people—ostensibly to prove that the Republican Party is not anti-immigrant.

This demographic change is already occurring (or has occurred) in several places including the Bay Area and will break over most of the rest of the country in the coming two decades. The question is what will the new majority want the country to be? And is their world view, and the position of the United States within it, any different and/or more enlightened than that of the old majority? With I.D. SFIAF plans to present, document and distribute the range of opinions representing the new majority from a Bay Area perspective as a precursor to the coming national socio-political discourse over the country’s multicultural future.

The first I.D. Program took place as a prototype at Galeria de la Raza and the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco’s Mission district as a part of Mission Arts & Performance Project on Saturday October 5, 2013.

The documented results of this inaugural event are here.